"My name is Barry Zito, I was the recipient of the 2002 AL CY YOUNG Award and am a veteran of 12 years in the Major Leagues. As a pitcher for the Oakland Athletics and San Francisco Giants, I have worked with an assortment of pitching coaches over my career. I have seen the gamut of professionalism, integrity, knowledge, application of knowledge, and social skills. My experience with Brian Vikander has been very fruitful, as he is exceptional in all of these departments. His passion for pitching inspired me this last off-season, and still does as we keep in contact. I feel that Brian would make a significant impact in any organization as he has a multitude of experiences, both baseball and non-baseball to draw on. It is the way in which he approaches coaching and mentoring pitchers that is so fundamental to his success as a pitching coach."

-Barry Zito, Pitcher for Oakland Athletics and San Francisco Giants


"Out of the many different coaches that I have worked with, Coach Vike really does take a different approach to the game. His philosophy of pitching is something not seen very much around baseball today. He teaches the importance of being a pitcher rather than being a thrower. That has allowed me, as a pitcher, to have a much deeper understanding of the game and has given me the opportunity to move the next level. What he teaches can be used by any pitcher at any level to further their ability to pitch. I am thankful for the opportunity to work with him.

          -Bill Olson, University of Arkansas

"Coach V is so far above ANYBODY in the realm of Pitching Coach it is astounding! You will be blown-away by what you realize that you did not know about being a pitcher and, also, enjoy the immediate application of the new insights. Starting with his video analysis, he will show where your opportunities get better exist and then articulate and demonstrate how it will occur. Next, he develops your mind-set to cope with the situations that confront you ‘on the Hill.’ And, his pitching lectures prepare you to be comfortable in stress situations during the game. He creates pitchers who are smarter than anyone else in the park! One LAST thing, he is the first coach to provide me with the environment to succeed because he is always building my confidence rather than tearing it down!"

         -Rookie League pitcher, Kansas City Royals Organization


"Why do you think so many guys who can throw 90+mph go NOWHERE ? Because no one ever developed their heads or prepared them to be pitchers. Why ? Because coaches don’t know how to do that, plain and simple! Well, fasten your seatbelt with Coach V ... you leave his sessions mentally drained and excited about the plan to grow and get better! Working with him is stimulating, productive and enjoyable. He will teach you more about pitching in the first session than you were aware of in your entire baseball life! Ain’t nobody any better!"

          -AAA pitcher Angels Organization


"As Coach Vikander says, ‘pitching is the greatest single opportunity in sports to excel and one in which you can always learn and improve.’ The challenge of assembling a game, pitch by pitch, and staying in the present is tremendously difficult. However, this is what Coach Vikander will train you to do better than ANYBODY. He works with you to become ‘mechanically’ efficient, prepares you in advance for the situations that occur in a game and, as a psychologist, helps you assess your ‘demons’ and mange them. With Coach V you are challenged to be your best. He provides life lessons, not just pitching lessons."

          -AA pitcher Milwaukee Brewers Organization


"You want to learn to be a better pitcher? Skip all the other guys and start with Coach Vike. The game is filled with too many coaches stuck in the ‘stone-age!’ He will make you better immediately and you will thoroughly enjoy working at it. As your confidence grows, so does your desire to break through your self-imposed ceilings. The challenge of being on the mound is something that excites you as you approach the opportunity with renewed insight. Yep, he trains you mentally and physically to be your best. He is the ZEN Master!"

          -AZL pitcher Indians Organization

"My son Justin and I met Brian in January of 2013. It was apparent during our first meeting that Brian had the experience and resume that many other instructors do not have. This experience provides Brain with the tools to teach the art of pitching with an emphasis on proper mechanics, mental strength and situational awareness."

Brian starts by perfecting mechanics and molding the pitcher into a competitor. He teaches the pitcher how to use both his physical and mental attributes to manage and overcome game-time situations. Pitchers have many tools to improve the outcome of a game and Brian teaches his players what tools they have, how to use them and more importantly, how to use them to their advantage.

Brian has been working with Justin for close to 4 months. Once the mechanical adjustments we made and the mental aspect took hold, the results followed. Justin now takes the mound with far more confidence in his abilities to both use and locate multiple pitches while working through a myriad of game situations that challenge pitchers. He's learned how to compete at a higher level; falling back on the tools that Brian has taught him and continues to teach him today. Justin has really taken to Brian's instruction and has become a far better pitcher because of their work together. Thank you."

Greg Braun/Justin Braun
Xavier College Preparatory High School School, Palm Desert, CA

"Exceeding all my expectations, Coach Brian Vikander has in short time made a materially positive impact on my son�s pitching abilities. Brian�s hands on approach is unique in that it not only has a strong emphasis on the detailed mechanics of pitching, but challenges my son to utilize a positive mindset on the mound to outwit opposing batters. This is a powerful combination. While my son is still at an early age, I�m confident these lessons will serve him well not only on the baseball diamond, but give him a newly found confidence and focus to succeed at anything he puts his mind to. However, with my son�s vision to play competitive baseball for years to come as our compass, I know having Coach Brian by his side will materially increase the odds of turning his dreams into a reality."

Paul Penney/Landon Penney
Manhattan Beach, CA


I cannot thank Coach Vikander enough for the hard work, constant professionalism and dedication he has shown in helping our son, Carter, improve his pitching skills and expand his knowledge of the game.

Before working with Coach Vikander, Carter was having a difficult time trusting his stuff and in turn was not able to consistently locate his pitches. He was extremely frustrated and was told by his coaches that he needed to “figure it out.” We were fortunate enough to find Coach Vikander and knew from our first conversation that we had found the right coach!

The improvements Carter has made since working with “Coach What I tell ya” have been remarkable. Not only has he “figured it out”, he has also regained his self-confidence and knows how to adjust to a bad day or an off pitch.

I highly recommend Coach Vikander to anyone who is serious about pitching. The results will amaze you!

The Owens Family


We have worked with Brian for several years and found him to be a great pitching coach and mentor. Brian approaches the art of pitching as a science and is forever looking at new data to make his pitchers better. His affiliation with Tom House's organization clearly makes Brian the premier pitching coach in Utah. My son has developed tremendously under Brian, becoming an All State pitcher. He loves and respects Brian as a teacher and mentor that goes beyond the simple mechanics of pitching.

We have had other pitching coaches but nobody comes even close to Brian in his ability and passion for his craft.

Jon and Scott Silverstein
Park City, UT

Coach Vikander is the Zen Master of pitching. Within each player he creates an environment for success. His homework assignments are well thought out, as are each weekly lesson. It is enlightening to be with someone who can break down each video analysis and give helpful insights that transferred to the ball diamond. He is also on the cutting edge of technology and mechanics which are then customized for the experience level of the player he is coaching. It is truly a unique experience. I give him my highest recommendation."

Dave Koelliker
Provo, UT

Brian is one of those rare people who actually cares about what he does. My son has worked with Brian over the past 6 years, and Brian has been the one positive constant through the ups and downs that is baseball. He has a knack for getting the most out of his pitchers and adjusting to the different physical and mental makeup of each one.

If anyone wants to pitch at any level, to me the road to success goes though Brian Vikander.

Skip Slusher
Park City, UT


Coach Vikander is the best! His extensive knowledge of the mechanics and mental aspects of pitching are passed on to his students in a clear positive manner. He breaks down the process of pitching both menatlly and physically for our son in a way that he grasps, understands and can use going forward. Brian's positive approach, encouragement and willingness to pass on the vast knowledge he has to his students is an approach we would HIGHLY RECOMMEND to any age pitcher and parents who are looking to improve their game.

Taz and Roni Smith

Brian made me realize every little aspect there is to pitching and that it was not just throwing a ball for a strike. I have learned so much from him on setting up and breaking down hitters.


Hunter Smith

I have been thrilled with the work Brian Vikander has done with my son, Marcus. He has not only shown him the proper mechanics and what it takes to become a better pitcher; but he has created a friendship and has been able to motivate him to work and train hard to become a better athlete and person.

�Coach� is so personable and is able to create an immediate chemistry with his students. They look forward to going back and showing him how they�ve been implementing his teachings.

My son improved dramatically; he threw harder, his location and movement were better, his mental skills were sharper and his confidence increased. He realized how much hard work and dedication goes into becoming a strong pitcher. We started with a 10 week lesson and we�re planning on starting another 10 week course. And I�ll be starting my 8 year old with Coach Vikander as well.

Coach Vikander is terrific and I am grateful for his expertise and mentoring. I have referred several students and each time the parents come back to me with a big, giant THANK YOU!

Mark Leone
Salt Lake City, UT

Coach Brian Vikander is a true professional. He has an amazing ability to take a complex subject like pitching and break it down to easy to understand steps. He is able to take each of those steps and provide detailed drills and exercises that have lead to great results for my son.

We reached out to Coach Vikander when my son was 10 and wanted to become a better picture. The obvious improvements have been great increases in velocity, accuracy, game management and mental preparation. But the greatest benefit in working with Coach Vikander has been the confidence my son has gained. It is refreshing to see a coach that is so encouraging and respectful.

Sure my son has has become a better pitcher in working with Coach Vikander but more importantly he has become a better person. I highly recommend Coach Vikander to anyone that is looking to take their pitching to the next level.

Jeff McMullin
West Jordan, UT


I could go on and on about Coach Brian Vikander. His demeanor is perfect for coaching pitchers of all ages. His techniques work and his knowledge is beyond compare. He is not a "one size fits all" pitching factory. He genuinely cares about each of his pupils and the art of pitching. More importantly he creates a solid foundation of pitching mechanics and gives a pitcher the confidence he needs to handle the challenges of being on the mound.

More importantly, he delivers!

Over the summer, my 15 year old son (HS sophomore):

  1. pitched against D-1 college prospects and had stunning success;
  2. played for a top travel team in Southern California and pitched successfully against elite players from the LA Dodger sponsored team;
  3. hurled against a JUCO team, in Colorado, with great results;
  4. was  critiqued by another top  pitching coach, that had worked with Tom House for 17 years, and he graded him at an "A" level for pitching mechanics, game approach and pitching knowledge. He was very impressed and asked who coached him;
  5. was told by a Top 10 Max Preps High School coach that he would be a welcome addition to their staff and a top starter in their rotation.
  6. has added about 7 mph to his four seam fastball, developed great secondary movement on all pitches, while improving his command and location!

My son does not throw especially hard. He is not yet 6 feet tall. He does not throw a curve ball or slider. He is not a star. He is merely fundamentally sound. He has learned to pitch. Brian has made him a pitcher. A pitcher with a) solid control; b) sound fundamentals; and c) mental strength to handle ‘taking the ball’.

Coach Vikander has taken my son's pitching to levels that wildly exceeded our expectations.

He can and will do the same for your pitcher. I guarantee that!

I am so confident of Coach Vikander’s ability that I would love to answer your questions personally. Call me at 801 910 5447.

Ed Hill
Salt Lake City, UT

Our family has been involved with King of the Hill Pitching and Brian Vikander for over 3 years. Coach Vikander has an extensive understanding of the game which allows him the ability to analyze a players strengths and build on the positives, while creating a solid foundation. Because every pitcher has their own style of mechanics, Brian has the knowledge to apply his techniques to custom fit each individual with amazing results. We have watched this transition first hand with our own son and would recommend Coach Vikander�s program to anyone interested in helping their pitcher succeed.

Ken & Tauna Olsen

Since my son was 10 years old he’s been working with a variety of pitching coaches, each with their own philosophy and technique. Many times I felt like they were just going through the motions with little if any interest in my son’s progress. I had all but given up thinking that there wasn’t a pitching coach out there that knew what he was talking about. 

We decided to give it one more shot; Coach Vikander’s approach was totally different than anyone else. Although my son’s mechanics were good, they weren’t great, so coach Vikander started over from the beginning, we saw significant progress within just a few weeks.  Coach Vikander’s program is in-depth and simple to understand if you’re dedicated and willing to put in the time and effort required to be the best.

Coach Vikander’s approach and philosophy to pitching has made my son a solid, well rounded pitcher, he is not only mechanically sound, but he approaches each game with poise and confidence he never had.  He has learned the value of proper mechanics, of balance, control, power, acceleration and finish.  His college coaches have seen a significant improvement in both the mental and mechanical side of his game.

Coach Vikander has taught him that his fastball was only one part of his game, he now throws three pitches on any count for strikes. Since working with Coach Vikander his ERA has dropped from 4.38 to 1.25.  With this added ability and confidence my son has walked on and secured a starting position for this upcoming college season.

I wasn’t sure if my son had the ability to reach the 90+ mph goal he had for himself a year ago, but now I’m convinced, he hits 90+ regularly with excellent control and a great change up to complement his curveball and split-finger, but it’s the discipline and work ethic that Coach Vikander has instilled in him that are more important to me than throwing 90 mph.

M. Todd Gorzitze
Ryan Gorzitze, Mesa State University Mavericks, 2010
Salt Lake City, UT

Coach Vikander is the consummate pitching coach. Simply put, there is no one like him out there and I have worked with several of the biggest 'names,' in the game. No one does what he does and no one can do it as well ! No coach prepares and guides like Coach Vikander. He provided me with a total understanding of pitching mechanics (so that I can make my own corrections pitch to pitch), instilled key knowledge for game preparation (so that I have already rehearsed everything likely to come up in a game) and emphasized the mental-side of being a pitcher (providing me with the techniques useful to staying in the moment). He understands psychology and how it can and will work for you. He builds you into the complete pitcher.

A. Gommez, D-1, U of Washington

Approximately 2 years ago, I was at the end of my rope. My son, Sam, was playing on at least two competition teams and was pitching frequently because of his speed. Sometimes he was accurate. However, there were at least four or five games where my son couldn’t seem to pitch a strike. Sometimes he would even walk 12 players in a row. Other games, he would pitch just fine. But that’s the point - he was not consistently accurate. That’s when we found out about Brian Vikander. Within 12 sessions, my son’s speed and accuracy improved tremendously.

All of the other testimonials on this web page are true and accurate. Brian is not just a wonderful coach. He is truly a great person. One whom I feel fortunate to know and call my friend. Different pitching coaches have different methods of teaching and even teach different methods of pitching. I trust Brian with my son and his approach in teaching the fundamental mechanics as well as the finer aspects of pitching. He shares his great knowledge of the physical and mental aspects of the game. He shares his knowledge both verbally and in writing. He really cares. No other coach has caused such a great improvement in my son’s pitching. My son has not had any pain in his arm and I attribute that to the proper pitching mechanics he has taught and reinforced. I am a believer in Coach Vikander and his program.

David M. Cook, Bountiful, UT

Brian Vikander is not just a good pitching coach.  He is a great one-on-one communicator and motivator.  He inspires confidence, enthusiasm, and a love of the game. 

Brian takes my 11 year old son’s development as seriously as he would a high school or college pitcher’s.  As a parent, I greatly value Brian’s emphasis on good pitching mechanics and injury prevention, and I feel like my son is getting the best possible foundation for a successful future in baseball and pitching. 

Brian is a serious coach, but he also has fun.  My son really looks forward to his weekly pitching sessions with Brian, and he works hard on his exercises in between sessions.  This has made a huge contribution to my son’s success in pitching.

Cullen Battle, Salt Lake City, UT

Jordan Pierce  2007 First Team  All State  UTAH  4A

Coach Vikander is a great pitching coach with the best, most complete and comprehensive development program for pitchers that you will find anywhere.  He teaches mental preparation, proper mechanics with video analysis, proper diet and exercise including strength, flexibility, core training and ply metrics.  Coach Vikander’s passion and love for the game will inspire any pitcher to achieve their highest potential.

Our son has seen dramatic improvement working with Coach Vikander.  He has gained in velocity, has better control with secondary movement, and less arm fatigue because he now has the proper throwing mechanics. 


Every time we observe our son having a session with Coach Vikander, we are completely blown away by his knowledge, passion, teaching ability and attention to every detail.


We encourage anyone who wants to become a better pitcher and person to call Coach Vikander.  You will be glad you did.


Darrel and Vicky Pierce, Salt Lake City, UT


" I can now say my son is a pitcher. Brian has taught him to be all that he can be on the mound, and in the game as well. Brian has given him the self confidence, and taught him the sound mechanics of pitching along with the mental toughness it takes to be a winner. Brian's teachings are far reaching, not only on the mound,but in all aspects of the game and Sean has become a more determined fielder and batter, also. It has also helped him outside the game too. My Wife and I would both like to thank Brian for all that he has done for our son. THANKS COACH !!!!!"

L & S Zabawa, Bozeman, MT

"Our son, Nate, a left-handed pitcher, needed to prepare for a pitching tryout at a University in South Dakota. The tryout was scheduled during Nate's spring break. In an effort to best prepare Nate for the tryout, we contacted Coach Vikander. Over a three week period, Coach Vikander, worked with Nate on his pitching mechanics, through indoor throwing and video-taped evaluations. Coach Vikander made adjustments to Nate's pitching motion which resulted in less arm fatigue, greater second stage ball movement and increased velocity ... Nate signed to pitch at the next level this fall. "


L & C Quattrocchi, Bozeman, MT

"What Brian Vikander has done for my son, Scott, in the way of pitching, is incredible. Not only has his pitching form improved threefold, but also his confidence and self-esteem have made a full turnaround. Brian is someone that Scott will use as a pitching coach beyond his Legion and High School years. Brian's background and love for the game are everything you would want in a pitching coach. Thanks Brian!"

A & M. Hayes, Bozeman, MT

Brian demonstrates a passion for baseball that is rarely seen in anyone involved in today's overloaded lifestyles. This passion has been passed on to my son and his pitching shows it. Couple this with the fact that Brian has probably forgotten more about pitching than most people will ever know and good things happen.

D. VanLuchene, Bozeman, MT

Working with Brian has provided my son with a love and fascination for the game of baseball that had all but vanished through well-intentioned but unknowledgeable and unimaginative coaches.

W. Fovargue, Seattle, WA.

Pitching is the most dynamic position on the baseball field. However, coaches know little or nothing about this position. Brian showed my son how to be his best.

D. Schoen, Portland, OR.

Coach Vikander is an excellent communicator. He makes what he teaches easy for the player to follow and apply.

D. Milles, Scottsdale, AZ.

Baseball is a game. Coach Vikander makes the game fun again!

B. Nichols, Missoula, MT.

All instruction is one on one. My son comes away from each session excited and ready to play ball.

S. Tusscott, Helena, MT.

Coach Vikander challenged our son to be his best and taught him lessons that are useful throughout life, in all endeavors.

D. Staker, Malibu, CA.

Vikander does what most Dad’s can’t do ... talk openly to their son and get the boy to commit because he wants too, not because Dad is right!

J. Rotman, Cambridge, MA


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