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Brian Vikander offers his photographs in strictly limited editions. Each print is personally signed with a silver or gold archival pen. When a print is produced, he makes a decision as to the largest, optimum size and allows only ten, signed prints, of that specific dimension. With each print the optimum size is different and can range from 16" x 20" up to 40" x 60".

Some of his prints can be acquired in a variety of sizes, though all in strictly limited quantities. The smallest print available is the single photographer proof, which is a signed and matted 8" x 10" print, ready for framing.

All prints may be purchased as a professionally framed print with museum glass, a professionally matted and shrink-wrapped print (no frame or glass) or as a print only.

The professionally matted and shrink-wrapped print is presented in exactly the same manner as the framed print displayed in the gallery, ie. same silk, texture and color and same relative border size. This option simplifies the transport and shipping of the image. However, once the print reaches its destination, your framer may call the Savant Clair framer for instructions and guidelines on the frames and glass that we recommend.

Once collectors have completed the purchase of the allotted prints, in any given size, there will be no additional prints made, ever. The total complement of prints for each limited edition photograph is noted with the image on the specific WEB page, plus the one photographer proof.

With your purchase, you are provided with booklet containing the limited edition notation for your print, information describing the print, a statement of Brian's photographic philosophy and his biography.


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