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There was a time when we diligently attempted to stay abreast with the evolving technology associated with fine art photographic printing. However, with an ever-increasing array of opportunities, that has simply become an impossible task. The best manner in which to manage this creative domain is to simply work with the best printer in the field. In this way, we are positioned to make the most visually arresting choices for printing Brian’s imagery. We have had a close-working, visionary partnership with Color Folio, for past 15+ years. They understand what we are trying achieve from a color transparency and can then suggest the suitable approaches. We recognize that we have an artistic partner in Color Folio. If you have any specific questions about printing, ask us and we will gladly provide you with appropriate information.


This Fall we will introduce the Nature’s Dance series on canvas. These images are highly acclaimed but little seen images from Brian’s files, conceptual, striking and singular. The series will be accompanied by his exquisite writing as he explores the connection between man and nature as expressed through dance. Brian has 100,000s of color transparencies from his assignments on file, covering over 100 countries and thousands of subjects. Many collectors have a specific location, concept or subject that they would like to add to their collection. When this requirement surfaces, we select the relevant images for the collector to review and they make a selection to suit their visual aesthetics. Finally, a note on the archival nature of photography and prints today. Our photographic prints are more archival, than any other form of linear art today because of the ‘layers of protection’ that can be applied to the image. Fading is not a problem to concern yourself with at any level with us!



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